In many cases, Vinyl liner pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County is all that’s needed for a tear or hole that develops. Those flaws cause leaks that can lead to significant extra water usage. Eventually, full replacement of the liner will be necessary, but pool owners obviously want to delay that expense as long as they can.

The Range of Vinyl Liner Longevity

The longevity of vinyl liners has an extremely broad range, making it difficult for pool owners to know when it’s reasonable to have the liner replaced. Information from authoritative online sources reports that liners can last anywhere from six to 20 years for inground pools, and six to 10 years for above-ground pools. Some anecdotal reports mention that a liner can last several years longer than the norm if installed and treated properly. Full warranties on liners that include labor generally last up to five years. Longer warranties do not include labor.

Preventing Damage to the Liner

Avoiding having any sharp or hard-edged objects prevents tears and punctures. A proper chemical balance is important. The pool should be covered when not in use, since that prevents debris from falling in. A big windstorm sending a heavy branch into the pool at high speed, for instance, can easily damage the liner. The water level also must be kept at or near an optimum level because the liner will shrink if the level gets too low. Shrinking causes tearing.

Liner Repair and Replacement

A lower-than-normal level of water indicates a leak. If it’s a liner leak, prompt repair work will prevent the problem from worsening. Replacement should not become necessary until the liner has become deteriorated enough that patching it is just a very short-term solution.

Sometimes pool owners want the liner replaced because it has become stained or so faded that it no longer is aesthetically appealing. Fading tends to happen around the top border, but bleach stains can occur when people simply toss chlorine tablets into the water than then sink to the bottom. Repair and installation of vinyl liners can be done by technicians from a company like Sparklean Pools.